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1 in 10 People Have Experienced Theft in Their Hotel Room

When we go on holiday, we like to think that it’ll be a relaxing, stress-free break from our normal daily (and often hectic) lives.

However, one survey reported that a THIRD of holidaymakers have had their accommodation robbed – and were in the same room when the theft took place.

The most common reasons why items had been stolen included being asleep, spending too long in the bathroom or even relaxing on the balcony.

A staggering one in ten holidaymakers have experienced theft from their hotel room and 45% admitted to not using the safety deposit boxes provided by hotels. 30% of people also admitted to skipping holiday insurance before they jetted off.

In the survey, 42% of people confessed to leaving valuable items in plain sight, such as jewellery and expensive gadgets – despite these being common items that are most likely to be stolen by a burglar.

Half of people surveyed were unaware that a hotel lock could be overridden by a crafty theif, even if the room is protected by a lock from inside of the room.

Considering that the average holidaymakers’ suitcase is worth an astonishing £3141, it’s surprising that so little people are acknowledging the risk of theft or robbery in their holiday accommodation!

The typical suitcase was found to contain a mobile phone worth £249, a laptop worth over £420 and £700 worth of clothing, along with makeup, toiletries, shoes and even expensive cameras being items we typically travel with.

This infographic produced by EasyLocks.com shares the shocking statistics behind holiday theft and the risks that co-incide with leaving your personal items and/or valuables unattended:

What type of items do you take on holiday? Have you ever had items stolen from your hotel or other accommodation? Where were you when the theft took place?

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