The Secrets Of MBA Essay Writing

When entering the MBA program, the stakes are very high and you have no room for error. The experts from, a seasoned writing services agency, have shared a brief manual on the basics of MBA essay writing. Help yourself with a portion of recommendations from geeks of writing.

Use nothing but the facts

You’ve probably heard that the main purpose of the essay is to explain why you have such a bad result for GMAT. Or, say why your graduation certificate does not boast high marks. If you have such problems, the selection committee already knows about them. Now your mission is to provide arguments: ‘I have a bad score because…’ and then you briefly explain the reasons. Feel free to indicate excellent results in other areas since your graduation. That’s it – brevity the soul of wit.

Do not write an essay voluntarily until it is absolutely crucial

As you know, the members of the selection committee do not read essays for fun. If you decide to submit another essay, there has to be a bunch of extremely strong reasons. If you fail to submit an essay dedicated to your social initiatives to boast successful results, the admissions committee may consider you cannot express your thoughts within the limits set. However, there are two exceptions: Johnson Business School and CBS. Their profiles are so short that the essay gives the choice to the candidate the only opportunity to tell more about myself. In other cases, think twice before undertaking the optional essay.

Lions’ confidence is your ally

Keep your eyes open for this trap. The Admission Committee is not eager to read another confession about a failed GMAT test. Your excuses are useless: the first sentence reveals the truth to the selection committee. However, there is also no need in wasting some 500 words on any explanation: tell them why it happened, and that’s it. Do not want to apologize and make excuses? It’s a matter of your own decision. The main thing here is that you know how to express your thoughts in a clear and logical way, that’s why it is always recommended to be brief.

No Win No Fee Solicitor’s Office Visit: What to Expect?

Even though there are dozens of no win no fee legal assistance options available on the market, you may still experience difficulties with finding the right option. Actually, the first thing you should expect from a solicitor is studying your case thoroughly: the lawyer assesses the state of affairs and looks through all the documents you’ve managed to collect.

A decent agency is highly likely to ask you to present a fair, detailed version of the accident; and if the solicitor considers the odds for winning the case to be pretty good, you can count on signing an agreement. However, if the chances are even 50/50, you may have to spend some time in search of the agency ready to help you out on a pure no win no fee basis, as a better part of legal establishments will require to cover a part of legal expenses.

Once you manage to find the legal firm ready to take up your case, you will be requested to sign an agreement before a specialist proceeds to the task. Notifying you of any progress is included to the scope of any self-respecting legal agency, so signing a win-win agreement is, perhaps, the most complicated part of the mission.

The facts you should be aware of

When accident claims are successful, customers are expected to make a payment that equals up to 25% of the compensation total according to CFA agreement signed. However, if for some reason your solicitor didn’t manage to succeed, you may be requested to cover a part of legal expenses (depends on a particular contract). Therefore, you are highly likely to partially cover the court costs and various miscellaneous expenses.

Typically, a personal injury claim is limited up to 3 years, so at least searching for an experienced solicitor working on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, is worthy of an effort.  In addition, you can always do your best to find a ‘no-cost first consultation’ to weigh the chances of success.

Previous Year East Scrap Metal Industry Major Numbers Revealed

In accordance with the data provided by the customs of Thailand, the import of scrap amounted to 636 thousand tons by the end of the third quarter of 2013, which is 54.4 % lower in comparison with the previous year period.

Thus, it is getting pretty clear that an annual import of scrap in the country did not exceed 850,000 tons and this is twice lower than in 2012, in which Thailand has managed to reach 1.7 million tons mark and enter the world’s top ten scrap importers. Thus, the maximum volume of import during the five years in the country was recorded in 2008 (3.14 million tons).

Over the past 9 months of this year, Australia was the largest exporter of scrap in Thailand with delivery volume of 145 thousand tons (-19% compared to the same period last year), the Philippines in the second position – 46 tons (-27 %), Hong Kong – the third with 43,000 ​​tons (15%).

The Consumption of ferrous scrap for the production of carbon steel in China, known to be the world’s largest scrap metal dealer, grew by only 3% to 87 million tons, according to the preliminary data published by State Customs of China authorities. As for the last year, the growth of steel production in the country was more significant, reaching 8%.

However, according to the State Customs Committee, China reduced the import of scrap metals in 2013 by 10.2 % to 4.465 million tons. The largest exporter of scrap metal in China – Japan, shipped 2.61 million tons (-15.2 % if compared with 2012). The second largest supplier, the United States sold 1.18 million tons (-9.8%), while Hong Kong, the number three largest supplier, shipped the total of 201,000 tons only (-19.9 %). The decline in imports indicates a growth in the use of scrap steel blanks for internal production.

Leeds Sightseeing: Bridgewater Palace

Bridgewater palace Leeds

A stylish Bridgewater Palace is the tallest building in Leeds City with dozens of offices and apartments on its board. The project of the architectural masterpiece has been developed by Aedas Architects Company that initiated the building in the year of 2004. It took as little as 3 years to erect a highly-functional complex of 112 meters in height. The initial architectural plan implied installing a 25 meter spire; however, the engineers arrived at a decision to refuse from the idea.

Bridgewater Palace represents a 32-storied building with a spacious car parking zone. An overall area of the premises equals 40,000 square meters. The businesses in smooth waters nourish interest to the facilities – a status of the most prestigious office center attracts the most solid players of the area.

The atrium of the business complex boasts a massive sculpture, the tallest one in the city. Aedas Architects effort to build a truly modern and stylish building doesn’t go unnoticed: the skyscraper is decorated with myriads of blue and purple lights that add an absolutely magical look. The peculiarities of the construction have forced the management of the building to close several exists: the design of the skyscraper accelerates the winds and contributes to excessive air circulation within the complex.

Bridgewater Palace has been criticized by various architectural magazines: some of them even gave skyscraper the status of the ugliest and unsafe modern building in the United Kingdom.

Being an extremely compact city, there are dozens of hotels in Leeds near Bridgewater Palace, plus you can also consider a more cost-effective option of serviced apartments Leeds.

Medical Institutions Take Advantage of Ultrasonic Cleaning

The problem of safety and quality of medical instruments cleaning has always been acute because of disease contraction in personnel risks. Therefore, searching for the ways of proper presterilization aimed at minimizing the chances of disease contraction by medical personnel remains an actual direction in medical cleaning area.

The introduction of ultrasound equipment (compact ultrasonic baths in particular) in sterilization departments of health facilities allows achieving impressive results. Ultrasonic cleaning helps to:

  • reduce tactile contact of medical personnel with various tools, which ensures a reduced risk of contracting and/or spreading the infection;
  • prevent costly medical devices and instruments from damaging and prolong their lifespan;
  • improve the quality of complex appliances treatment;
  • reduce the time needed for processing large amounts of tools and parts;
  • reduce the concentration of the cleaning solution, which allows decreasing the amount of detergent needed for cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning in dental practice

Using ultrasonic cleaning in dentistry contributes to complete hog cleaning, plus it enables the personnel to clean the tools from the remnants of blood, oral fluid and filling materials easily, which is hardly possible with manual cleaning brushes even after prolonged soaking in detergent solution.

Laboratory studies

An application of ultrasound is also a powerful instrument to make use of in laboratory studies to accelerate the mixing of various substances and boost up chemical reactions.

Benzopyrene extraction in the process of determination of its concentration in the air is a shining example of such reaction. All the existing techniques involve pumping large volumes of air through a special filter, where benzopyrene is delayed. The precision rate of quantitative determination depends on the completeness of cleaning it with hexane (light petroleum).

In ultrasonic installations, this is mission is accomplished through a special design of focusing radiators, which allows bypassing a range of restrictions related to the spread of ultrasound in liquid medium (explained by having only longitudinal waves). Due to this fact, the equipment creates a flux density of the ultrasound energy sufficient for successful complete extraction benzopyrene.

Ultrasonic cleaning services

Playing the ball with a seasoned and responsible vendor is always a sportsman pleasure – playing the ball with Hillsonic in ultrasonic cleaning means the best deal and finest quality delivery is guaranteed. Stop by Hilsonic if you are looking for cost-efficient ultrasonic cleaning services.